Tropical Island

About Us

We started Halo Halo because, just like anyone, we wanted representation. Nothing complicated.  We hope that our little space gives the world a peek at the modesty and vibrancy of Filipino life.  And what more but to start with the colorful Halo Halo.


Our Food

Simply Filipino

We're really fond of the Halo Halo but we do have other items on the menu that's sure to delight.  

Some of our offerings are featured below.

We also have Turon, Sisig, and All Day Breakfast of Longanisa, Tocino and Tapa. 

Our Chicken Adobo is a favorite here, and we recently added a Bicolano Pork Adobo version to match.

For a quick snack we have empanada and lumpia.  The Wagyu Beef Lumpia is a favorite here too.  It is made of 100% USDA Wagyu ground beef.

Halo Halo Supreme

A whopping Halo Halo with shaved ice, leche flan, ube, and candied jelly.

Halo Halo_edited_edited.jpg

Halo Halo 

Our regular Halo Halo comes in a smaller 20oz container

Grilled Shrimp

Grilled shrimp in a bed of warm rice.


Beef Salpicao

Many have their own take on this recipe, but we love ours the best. We start with USDA Choice Tri Tip and seasoned from our family recipe since 1965.  Share it with friends or have it all to yourself—you’ll enjoy it till the very last bite.

Chorizo and Adobo Slider

Our Slider - a trio of Chorizo Bilbao, Pork and Chicken Adobo


Chicken Inasal

Our Chicken Inasal curated in true Illonggo tradition with ginger and lemongrass.  Served with atchara and prepared by an Illongga.



We are at 3377 Las Vegas Blvd S.

Inside The Grand Canal Shoppes Food Court, Second Floor

at the Venetian Resort 

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Opening Hours

Dine In or Take Away

Everyday: 9am - 10pm